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Vidrine & Vidrine has spent years earning their exceptional reputation in the area of domestic law. When dealing with divorce cases and child custody cases, our attorneys know how much is at stake. It is because of their vast knowledge and successful reputation that Vidrine and Vidrine is a leader in domestic law. And they take domestic issues seriously. When seeking the advice of an attorney to assist you with family matters, it is important that your attorney has not only extensive experience in the field of domestic law, but his or her own strong family values to back up that experience. William Vidrine is a devoted family man with a spouse and children of his own. When you entrust them with your own family issues, they take it personally. Family and children are priorities in the lives of our attorneys. They know the law. They know the value of family. They can help.

What are the types of “domestic cases” that Vidrine & Vidrine handles?

Vidrine & Vidrine is pleased to offer legal services in all areas of domestic law. The most common issues for which our clients seek representation are:

•Child support
•Child custody
•Spousal support
•Community property