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Good Times and Bad Times Vidrine Law is here for you…

Good Times and Bad Times Vidrine Law is here for you…

Here for you in the good times. Here for you in the bad times…

We understand it’s tough to be thankful when money is tight, bill collectors are calling and jobs are scarce. And we keep that in mind when helping our clients climb out from under the suffocating debt many of them find themselves in.
At Vidrine & Vidrine, we are thankful for our clients who trust us to help them get back on their feet. Bankruptcy is for those who are struggling and need help getting out from under their debt, whether it’s due to a layoff, medical bills, flood damage…..the list is a long one.

Fortunately we can help. We know the complicated bankruptcy laws because we’ve been navigating them for decades. We are a leader in bankruptcy law for a reason. Call us for a free consultation and find out why Acadiana families and businesses trust us to give them the financial relief bankruptcy provides.
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