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Tops Louisiana program

Tops Louisiana program

Tops Louisiana program

TOPS. If the mention of that word makes you break out into a sweat, you are not alone. We feel the pain too. Thousands of hard working familes in Louisiana are wondering where they’ll get the extra money to cover college tuition that they expected the TOPS program to fund this spring. It feels like betrayal, doesn’t it? In addition to a severe downturn in the ecomony, layoffs across the board and ongoing flood recovery from August, now students and their families have one more thing to worry about.

If your family is at the breaking point, you are not alone. But you have options, many of which might surprise you. Bankruptcy isn’t a bad word. It was designed to help families and companies get back on their feet during times like these. Best part? The consultation is free. FREE. Now that’s a word we like. Come visit us and ask those questions running through your mind. Our job is to settle the waters and provide you with relief. RELIEF….another great word.

Call or Contact us today and take control of tomorrow. We have offices in Lafayette and Abbeville with evening and weekend appointments available. Vidrine & Vidrine Law Firm is a leader in bankruptcy law for a reason. We’ve been doing this for decades. ph. 337-233-5195

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